Building a Better Man



This is not the first time I have tried to start up a blog.

Honestly, there are a lot of things in my life that I attempted once.. twice.. a hundred times. Many things that I never stuck with long enough to be worth a damn. Perhaps that is because often a few weeks into something, I forget why I ever even started that venture. Or, in the case of my previous attempts at blogging, the focus was too narrow to ever be worth talking about more than a few times.

But that will not be an issue with this blog. The subject (or subjects) of this blog are central to the person I am and the person I want to be. On that note, I acknowledge that the very nature of this blog is personal. There will be things I will say that simply will not apply to some people. You will have to forgive me for that. But I honestly believe that some of my hard learned lessons will be of help to someone. Besides, the best way to find the right answer to something is to post the wrong answer on the internet.

So, who am I? Well, I am a 28 year old software developer who is a little interested in just about everything. My main focuses are health & wellness, self improvement, career growth, maintaining positive relationships (platonic and otherwise), and being proud of the person I am. I dabble in a lot of areas, such as photography, martial arts, biking, sports, camping & hiking, and cooking.

Why now? Why do I start a blog now, rather than next year or last year? Well, this year (actually, almost two months ago) I went through a major life change. Nine months ago, I moved from Kansas City to Indianapolis to be with the woman of my dreams. I thought I had my life all figured out. I had a good job, a wonderful mate, and I was near my family (yes, I am from Indiana originally). Things were looking great! Well.. Then life happened. My soon-to-be fiancée was suddenly sidelined by doubts in our relationship she never thought she would have. After the ensuing drama (including some less than wise actions on my own behalf), I found myself suddenly alone.

I was (and am) torn. She needs time to find herself in order to truly know what she wants, but neither one of us can know what the result of that will be. So, stuck in a position where my feelings for her will not let me move on, but knowing full well that I cannot simply “hold on”, I needed to find an outlet. That is when I started seriously looking at myself. I started seeing things in the way I was living my life that I was not proud of. Things that are not part of the vision I have for myself.

So, rather than focus on something that I cannot change, I decided to focus on things that I very well could change. This blog will represent those areas and more or less be a place for me to discuss the things that I am working on. The nature of my posts will surely be varied, but there are wide range of things that go into the goal which is the namesake of this blog. The goal of Building a Better Man.